The “Old Alma Mater”


I recently donated some time to help out the choir department at my old high school. It seems, they had a trailer that needed prettying-up. So, I did what I do and designed some vinyl graphics for it. I based the design around their existing choir logo and the musical theme. The vinyl application, itself, was expertly provided by Kris at DE-Signs with the promise that I never again design something so complicated to carry out in that medium. I must say after seeing the amount of work that went into carrying out my design, I must agree. Sometimes, the hardest thing to keep in mind while designing something on-screen is how it will physically be made manifest. Oy! Sorry, Kris!

Pinball Wizard

Design, Illustration

Here’s something new. For the past three years I have designed a toy catalog for Kipp Brothers Toys & Novelties in Carmel, IN. Part of the project always involves coming up with art for the cover and here is the art-in-progress for the Spring 2011 catalog. Coming up with the theme each time is one of my favorite parts of the process. For this coming year’s catalog, I thought the “game” theme would be kinda fun and would translate nicely throughout. Enjoy!