The Adventures of Crash-Man!


This project was pretty cool. I “wrote” and illustrated this short comic for Shafer’s Collision. The character design was already established allowing me to focus on the cover and interior work. The client intends to use these as a promotional pamphlet (the last page having an ad or coupon printed on it) and the comic is intended to be colored in by kids.

The cover was my favorite part, though. I thought it would be pretty cool to go with a retro style layout and have the art foreshadow the action within, like the classic comics of yesteryear. I did two versions, a weathered and dog-eared version meant to play up the vintage feel of the art and¬†a “clean” version. The client preferred the clean version free of Photoshopped creases and tears which is understandable. However, I was so happy with the way it turned out I thought it would be a shame to share it here.

A Whole Bunch o’ Portraits!


The posts this week will be short – I’ve been working on some pretty cool stuff lately but had zero time to post about it! I am therefore going to post a bunch of stuff this week and come back to it later (time permitting) to flesh it out.

First up, we have a series of team portraits I just wrapped up for a great company called Plan Grid. They are absolutely awesome to work with and I have several other pieces I will try to get up on the site this week.

Snowboard Update!


Check this action out! Chris Forgey over at Light BOHRD was kind enough to send me a couple of quick pics of their latest snowboards, artwork by yours truly. So far, these are the pieces I adapted from the skateboard art previously produced but, I’m really impressed with the way the skeleton face lights up on the snowboard – SO COOL! I can’t wait to see how the “yeti” board turns out.

20130205-000144.jpg 20130205-000641.jpg



I guess for all points and purposes this post is a “year-in-review” type of thing. I don’t get to update the site as often as I should (or would like to) so there is a lot of stuff I had the privilege to work on in 2012 that I never got around to sharing on the site.¬†Strangely, a couple of those things were “yeti-centric” or, at least that’s the way it felt. Most likely this due in great part because I spent the bulk of my energies focussing on getting The Atomic Yeti completed for Dan Cooney. While Atomic Yeti didn’t make it off the ground, as I and Dan had hoped, it is still a project I am very proud to have worked on and one that I would welcome the opportunity to finish one day.

I also had the chance to do some more work for a great company I’ve posted about in the past, Light BOHRD. This time around I was asked to provide artwork for their new line of light-up snowboards. One of those pieces was to depict (you guessed it!) a yeti. I always jump at the chance to work with Light BOHRD, especially because they make such awesome stuff, and this time was no different. Two of the boards feature artwork adapted from the skateboards I did previously but the yeti art is all new and (I think) turned out pretty well.

In keeping with the yeti theme of this post, I am also including a sketch I did for one of my customers at the comic shop. Kyle Schwingendorf (I really hope I spelled that right and apologize profusely if I did not) was kind enough to support the Atomic Yeti project by purchasing a copy of the comic when it went on sale. He then asked if I would like to do a yeti themed sketch in his sketchbook. Heck yeah!

I have additional work from 2012 that I plan on posting here in the coming days and weeks. For now, though, I feel like keeping with my perceived theme for the bygone 2012: Yetis! Enjoy.


Cover Comps for Yeti Kickstarter


The Kickstarter campaign to fund the remaining pages of Atomic Yeti rolls on and so Dan and I have been busy devising additional donation incentives for those kind enough to give us their hard earned money. Below are a couple of cover concepts I’ve been working on for a special copy of the preview book we’re offering. My favorite is the last one, I think.