I’m Not Just the Designer…

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… I’m also the carpenter! Sort of. I won’t boast of my prolific carpentry skills as they are rudimentary at best. They do get the job done, tho. Awhile back, I designed some bookcases for Downtown Comics, here in Indianapolis. It has been a long process getting these from concept to completion (due primarily to the juggling of other projects and deadlines), but it has been a lot of fun as well as a refresher in junior high shop class. This is a pic of one of the finished specimens. I also put some production shots up on Flickr for those interested in this sort of thing.

New Photos on Flickr and Others…

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I just posted some new pics from the show on Flickr. You can follow the link here. I will be posting other image galleries soon, as well. Ah, gotta love social media and all the extra work it brings!

Speaking of photos… I was going through my phone archive this morning, digging through photos and what-have-you, when I rediscovered a couple of projects I had forgotten about. The first is a laptop skin I put together for a local DJ. Nothing fancy, mind you, but he was quite happy with it (which is what matters in my line of work). The other image is of a point-of-purchase display I made for Downtown Comics to promote their various graphic novel programs. Enjoy!

I’m Doing Stuff!

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Tuesday, March 8th is the 40th anniversary of Starbucks. To commemorate the occasion, they will be unveiling a new coffee blend nationally. The Starbucks at 21st and Shadeland Avenue, in Indianapolis, has asked me put up some artwork and be on hand for the day as part of the festivities (check out the handy flyer!). So, if you are (or are going to be) in the Indianapolis area this Tuesday you should stop in and check it out! I will be in-store from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and back again from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. that evening to meet people and talk some art… and drink a LOT of coffee. Hope to see you all there!

“Just This Once…”


We’ve all said it at one time or another. “Just this once (fill in the blank).” My wife said it once after returning home from work to a *ahem* less than tidy house (in my defense, our two-year-old helped in the untidying…).

Anyway, her comment gave me an idea: The “Just This Once” Cleaning Company. Their motto? “Because, just this once, you’d like to come home to a clean house!” This, of course, lead to the formation of no fewer than four separate corporate entities all falling under the umbrella of the Just This Once Jack of All Trades Concern whose corporate mantra is, “because, just this once, you’d like someone else to do it for you!”

In short, this most useful packet of coupons became a Christmas gift to my wife and a fun design exercise for me. I was inspired by Depression-era ad slogans and Monopoly money (as the color pallet suggests). My father, upon hearing of my idea, thinks I should sell these…

The “Old Alma Mater”


I recently donated some time to help out the choir department at my old high school. It seems, they had a trailer that needed prettying-up. So, I did what I do and designed some vinyl graphics for it. I based the design around their existing choir logo and the musical theme. The vinyl application, itself, was expertly provided by Kris at DE-Signs with the promise that I never again design something so complicated to carry out in that medium. I must say after seeing the amount of work that went into carrying out my design, I must agree. Sometimes, the hardest thing to keep in mind while designing something on-screen is how it will physically be made manifest. Oy! Sorry, Kris!