Progress… Part 2


Hello! I’m back… sort of. Things have been pretty busy, so I wanted to post the next part of this before another three weeks got away from me.

Last time I posted some preliminary work for drawing/inking a comic page. To briefly review, I started with my thumbnails/layouts and then scanned those in at a high resolution to place in PhotoShop at actual working size. Next, I set about cleaning up the rough sketches and doing some actual digital pencil work. That brings me to today’s post!

The example below is the (nearly) finished, inked page. I may yet go in and make some adjustments/tweaks as I move on to color.

I was working on a color rough for a different page the other day and noticed that I had missed a few details at the inking stage. No problem! One of the things I like about working digitally is that those kinds of mistakes are easily remedied. But, beware, the computer is just one more tool in the creative arsenal and is no substitute for a keen eye to detail.

Next: Color Work!

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