Atomic Yeti Kickstarter launches!

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Dan Cooney and I have launched our Kickstarter bid to fund the Atomic Yeti hardcover we’ve been working so hard on. I hope we can count on everyone’s support – every dollar counts and we’re offering some pretty cool incentives for donors!

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Twitter – @atomicyeticomic
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Website: theatomicyet

– Jeff


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Fantom-Fury Costume Variations

So, I’m still toying around with this character design in my (all too little) free time. You may recall I posted some stuff a couple months back. I’ve been kicking this idea around for years and can’t seem to shake it. I think the previous versions were a bit too macabre for what I want to achieve — something more in the classic superhero vain. Not too gritty, not tortured or angst-ridden. I’d love to do something with this character a kin to a classic, full-color, full-page Sunday comic strip. You know, the kind of thing where the heroes are good, the villains are colorful and the kids can read it without fear of the material being overtly sexual or graphically violent. Those of you who have seen some of my previous work are thinking, “whu-HUH?” Anyway, who is this guy? What can he do? Why does he do it? I guess we’ll all have to wait and see… maybe when Reformation and Atomic Yeti are done…


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I am pleased to announce that “The Atomic Yeti,” a book I have been working on for the past several months with creator/writer Dan Cooney, is about to make its official debut at Comic Con International in San Diego and on ComiXology this week. I have put up a link in the sidebar to the ComiXology page where you can purchase the first issue for a buck. That’s a pretty good deal! The 32-page comic will be available at Dan Cooney’s booth (#5530) at Comic-Con, as well as on, starting Wednesday, July 12 (that’s today!). You can check out the official press release here.

While you’re at it, don’t forget that the first chapter of my other project (with writer/colaborator Tim Andrick), “Reformation,” is still available to read for free at I put a new link up for it in the sidebar as well. Chapter 2 is well into development but, as with any labor of love (and with work and kids), these things take time.

In the meantime, here are a couple of my favorite pages of artwork from “The Atomic Yeti.” I greatly enjoyed working on this and can’t wait to start the next installment. There was a lot of stylistic growth for me on this book and a lot of lessons learned in terms of working methods and lettering. Enjoy!


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You didn’t ask for it and no one demanded it but back by personal demand, its Fantom-Fury Friday! You may recall this character from previous posts, there spelled “Phantom-Fury.” I went with “Fantom-Fury” for this week’s post for alliteration.

I recall this illustration having been pretty well received. The assignment was to emulate a favorite artist’s style. You may recall my attempt at Shane Glines awhile back. For this assignment I chose a long time favorite, Mike Mignola. What makes this piece so gratifying to me was that, according to legend (or, the professor, if you prefer) the prof showed this to her friend, wait for it… MIKE MIGNOLA! And he liked it. My inquiry as to whether Mr. Mignola might have a Hellboy project for an asspiring artist, such as myself, to work on went unanswered. Oh well, the compliment was enough to put me on cloud nine for a week.

Phantom-Fury, After Mignola