I don’t know what today’s post title is supposed to mean other than making some ham-fisted reference to today’s illustration. This one, again, comes from my character design class and was focussed on presenting a character in a researched, period costume. The reference photo we were required to work from showed the model in the same pose but a different outfit altogether. I chose the knight because the guy in the photo was already holding a sword but, it was a saber, I think. Anyway, the pose just said “knight” to me so that’s what you get. This was also one of the first pieces I did for that class that I did a colored version of as well. It wasn’t required for the assignment but I was so pleased with the outcome that I HAD to see it in color. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are both the black-and-white and color versions.

Good SIr Knight-B/W

Good Sir Knight - Color