Shane Glines Is My Hero

Comics, Illustration

Some of you may be aware, others might not, most probably don’t care but I am about to be finished with graduate school in about another month. I could not be happier! That said, I am currently taking a character design class at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco (online) and this week’s assignment was to choose one of the artistic styles covered in the reading module and emulate it. One of the styles we covered was none other that of Shane Glines. You may be familiar with Shane’s character design work on Batman: The Animated Series. I’m a huge fan of his work, namely, because so much of what he does is so stylistically divergent from what I’m normally comfortable doing myself. It also has a very kitschy-cool 60’s feel to it that just screams sexy. So, here is my homage to Mr. Glines and his awesome work.

"Ecto-Man and the Witchy Woman"