I’m Not Just the Designer…

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… I’m also the carpenter! Sort of. I won’t boast of my prolific carpentry skills as they are rudimentary at best. They do get the job done, tho. Awhile back, I designed some bookcases for Downtown Comics, here in Indianapolis. It has been a long process getting these from concept to completion (due primarily to the juggling of other projects and deadlines), but it has been a lot of fun as well as a refresher in junior high shop class. This is a pic of one of the finished specimens. I also put some production shots up on Flickr for those interested in this sort of thing.

New Photos on Flickr and Others…

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I just posted some new pics from the show on Flickr. You can follow the link here. I will be posting other image galleries soon, as well. Ah, gotta love social media and all the extra work it brings!

Speaking of photos… I was going through my phone archive this morning, digging through photos and what-have-you, when I rediscovered a couple of projects I had forgotten about. The first is a laptop skin I put together for a local DJ. Nothing fancy, mind you, but he was quite happy with it (which is what matters in my line of work). The other image is of a point-of-purchase display I made for Downtown Comics to promote their various graphic novel programs. Enjoy!