Comic Update


I just added four new pages of comic art on the “Comic” page. These pages are from the first issue of a web comic I am working on with Tim Andrick, over at, as part of my graduate thesis project.

The story is called “Reformation” and focuses on Rebecca Claussen’s escape in the days and weeks following a horrific viral outbreak. While Rebecca contends with the virally infected, would-be bounty hunters, and the frightened denizens of a post outbreak world, she must piece together how it happened, while coming to terms with the realization that she, herself, may have been responsible. Rebecca’s only clues lie in a mysterious letter, and her grandfather’s own research notes. Will Rebecca unravel the secret of the outbreak, or will the truth be swept away by a shadowy corporate conglomerate?

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to February . In the meantime, please enjoy the sample pages.

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