“Just This Once…”


We’ve all said it at one time or another. “Just this once (fill in the blank).” My wife said it once after returning home from work to a *ahem* less than tidy house (in my defense, our two-year-old helped in the untidying…).

Anyway, her comment gave me an idea: The “Just This Once” Cleaning Company. Their motto? “Because, just this once, you’d like to come home to a clean house!” This, of course, lead to the formation of no fewer than four separate corporate entities all falling under the umbrella of the Just This Once Jack of All Trades Concern whose corporate mantra is, “because, just this once, you’d like someone else to do it for you!”

In short, this most useful packet of coupons became a Christmas gift to my wife and a fun design exercise for me. I was inspired by Depression-era ad slogans and Monopoly money (as the color pallet suggests). My father, upon hearing of my idea, thinks I should sell these…

2 thoughts on ““Just This Once…”

  1. Hey Jeff, this is Heather. Robert had your site pulled up at work and I started looking through it! MAN……your work is GREAT!!! I’ve never seen any of your work before, and it’s just awsome! LOVE the coupons!!

  2. Hey, Heather! Thanks for the feedback. The coupons were a lot of fun to do. I love it any time I have an opportunity to do something creative like that 🙂

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